South American Aztecs and Africans living on Lake Chad are healthy and long-lived. Many have heard of the longevity of the Japanese. What both nations have in common is that they use spirulina for food. It is a blue-green aquatic plant, one of the oldest plants on Earth (3.5 million years old). This plant contains very rare substances important for the human body that are not found in other plants. In the aforementioned location in Africa, it grows naturally. In Japan, about 45 percent of the population regularly consumes spirulina as a dietary supplement. 

What kind of plant is it, what are its useful properties and what opportunities do we, Lithuanians, have for using it?

Spirulina is rich in protein - three times more than meat. Moreover, the body assimilates them more easily than from animal products. It contains 18 essential amino acids, many micro- and macroelements (Fe, Ca, Cu, Mg, Zn, F, Se) and vitamins, beta-carotene, nucleic acid, enzymes, especially the rare pigment phycocyanin, etc. Very high levels of vitamin B. Spirulina contains 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots, and the iron it contains is especially well absorbed by the body. The chlorophyll it contains has strong detoxifying properties. It is said that thanks to its unique rich composition, 1 g of spirulina replaces 1 kg of vegetables. All elements in spirulina are balanced and easily absorbed by the body.

And how does all this affect our body?

Spirulina balances the intestinal microflora, intensively removes toxins from the body, strengthens muscles, improves vision, makes the skin more elastic, strengthens hair, normalizes blood cholesterol levels, stimulates metabolism, improves liver function, and strengthens the nervous system. Spirulina is very suitable for use after serious illnesses, operations and various chronic diseases. This is very important when you have to take a lot of synthetic drugs.

And where to get these algae?

Naturally, spirulina only grows in Africa and South America. However, most of the world's spirulina is grown under special laboratory conditions. The most efficient and nutrient-dense spirulina is only grown in a closed bioreactor. Fresh spirulina is considered the best quality when used in foods without physical or thermal processing. However, you won't have to go to Africa or South America for spirulina. Unique products with "live" spirulina can already be bought in Lithuania. And it was grown in a Lithuanian (!) laboratory under special conditions.

 Who makes these unique products here?

Spirulina is grown and fresh biomass products are sold in Lithuania by Florovitas JSC. It is the only company in the Baltic region that produces high quality blue-green alga Spirulina platensis (spirulina).

What criteria should be followed when choosing spirulina products?

If you lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports, this is for you. Spirulina contains dietary protein with a full complex of amino acids and a small amount (up to 5%) of fat. The preparation is supplemented with a complex of B vitamins, which is necessary for overcoming stressful situations and maintaining healthy hair. Beta-carotene helps maintain good vision, and chlorophyll, which removes toxins from the body, removes some of the toxins found in instant foods or synthetic products. 

Spirulina supplements can provide the required amount of iron and help the body absorb it naturally. 

The beta-carotene in spirulina is essential for maintaining the visual acuity of every adult. Protein contains a full complement of amino acids and very little fat. This is a great supplement for those on a strict diet and don't want to harm their health. The easily absorbed iron contained in it is beneficial for people with anemia or a predisposition to this disease. The product contains a full spectrum of B vitamins needed to overcome depression, symptoms of hard work, or maintain healthy hair and nails. The detoxifying properties of chlorophyll are essential for everyone.

Spirulina products # 1 for the elderly. High levels of beta-carotene help maintain visual acuity, complex B maintains internal balance, and the cleansing properties of chlorophyll reduce the effects of toxins accumulated in the body. 


Prepared on the basis of the materials of the editorial board of the "Healthy person" magazine.

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